ZeroCovid Lebanon

Dedicated towards the elimination of COVID-19 from Lebanon

Strategy for Lebanon

Our ZeroCovid strategy for Lebanon, in 3 phases.

Why ZeroCovid?

The rationale for why we need to go towards elimination of COVID-19.

Isolation & Quarantine

The role of isolation and quarantine centers.

ZeroCovid means…
  • Zero community transmission; i.e. no mysterious cases.
  • All new cases are rapidly isolated & contacts quarantined.
  • Most effort needed from a small number of people (national team), rather than from the entire population.

“If you can’t get the people away from the virus, get the virus away from the people”


Covid-19 can be defeated. Dozens of countries are showing us how. See some of these success stories.

About Us

ZeroCovid Lebanon is dedicated to eliminating COVID-19 from Lebanon, by providing a collaboration umbrella for practitioners, scientists and professionals from various disciplines, backgrounds and institutions, and providing volunteers throughout Lebanon with a platform to actively counter COVID-19 at local and national levels.

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ZeroCovid Lebanon is a member of the Zero Covid Alliance