About us

Our Vision

Zero cases of COVID-19 within Lebanon.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to eliminating COVID-19 from Lebanon, by providing a collaboration umbrella for practitioners, scientists and professionals from various disciplines, backgrounds and institutions, and providing volunteers throughout Lebanon with a platform to actively counter COVID-19 at local and national levels.

Our Values

  • Recognize that human compassion as our guiding principle.
  • Independent of political and commercial influences.
  • Respect the individual, regardless of culture, religion or philosophy of life.
  • Refrain from any collective or individual benefit beyond the elimination of COVID-19.

Our Goals

  • Be an independent national platform for people working towards eliminating COVID-19.
  • Provide guidance and innovation space for individuals and organizations working within their communities.
  • Provide guidance and constructive feedback for relevant national institutions and stakeholders.
  • Be a critical voice for the promotion of COVID-19 elimination approaches with proven real-world effectiveness.